Jamf Protect Endpoint Security Capabilities

While the macOS platform has its roots in the Unix world, macOS is a unique Operating System (OS) with specific inner workings for files, processes and networks. As a result, attacks targeting macOS rarely resemble attacks against Windows or other platforms. However, most security vendors focus on building out detection, prevention and remediation capabilities for Windows first and then attempt to port the Windows-based models of their tool to Mac.

Because one-size-fits-all security tooling on the market today isn’t designed for the Mac, organizations may be missing attacks on their Mac infrastructure and must add a Mac- specific security solution into their existing security stack.

Jamf Protect is endpoint security built for Mac. Maintain Mac endpoint compliance, address anti-virus needs by preventing macOS malware, control Mac applications within the organization, detect and remediate Mac-specific threats with minimal impact to the device and the end-user experience.

And when paired with Jamf Pro and/or Jamf Connect, Jamf Protect unlocks extensive automation, investigation and remediation capabilities to mitigate endpoint security risks, both large and small.