Nanjing International School

Established in 1996, Nanjing International School is a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Since its founding, Nanjing International School has dedicated itself to creating IT tools that eventually support teaching and learning since it considers computers to be a vital learning tool in students’ daily life.

The solution we developed for Nanjing International School focused on constructing a Cisco wireless network infrastructure that covered the school campus and employing Apple servers to replace the Microsoft backend.



In 2010, SolutionKeys proposed a complete solution for the school covering all aspects of the school’s IT infrastructure, including the deployment of a campus-wide, full-coverage, enterprise standard 802.11n Cisco wireless network; a new server back-end consisting of 10 dual-core Apple servers and 24T of mass storage; a one-to-one Apple laptop program; five cart workstations with a capacity of 24 MacBooks each for student teachers to circulate; and an Apple Shop and Apple Authorized Service Center on campus.


Deployment of projects

SolutionKeys was chosen by Nanjing International School because the school needed a system integrator to deliver the upgrade and did not want to take any risks that might be associated with it. This was essential to gaining our trust and winning the contract process because SolutionKeys has a solid reputation and a track record of successfully implementing several large-scale projects for other clients.

The deployment of a new IT infrastructure at Nanjing International School was completed smoothly and the newly deployed powerful servers provided an unprecedented user experience. The school tested the SolutionKeys deployment with on-demand content, where 80 clients simultaneously streamed different video files on-demand over the wireless network, and the whole process went smoothly.

An Apple Authorized Service Center is very crucial to the school. NIS wants our service centre to provide not only technical support, but also a dedicated area for selling Apple accessories, so that staff and students can conveniently purchase the accessories they need close to their homes and provide them with convenience. At the same time, they will also be able to enjoy educational discounts to varying degrees depending on the accessories they order.


The cooperation has been going strong for 13 years as of 2023.