Western Academy of Beijing- a complete solution that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers

Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) is one of the most highly regarded international schools in Beijing, with an emphasis on developing students’ independent learning skills. To this end, they have specially equipped their students with advanced learning tools to keep up with current developments.

Since its start, West Beijing School has made significant investments in its IT infrastructure. SolutionKeys has a long history of working with WAB and is constantly committed to assisting our clients find solutions to their difficulties and doing our best to assist schools in achieving their stated goals. We are also continuously aware of innovation.


BYOD Apple School Solutions

In 2004, with the help of SolutionKeys, Western Academy of Beijing, which has 1500 student Apple laptops, became the first Apple education site in China.

The project was facilitated by SolutionKeys: we thoroughly considered the relevant financial, procurement, distribution and technical aspects that should be taken into account and communicated effectively to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Due to the success of this concept, numerous schools in China that cater to expat students have started implementing a one-to-one Apple laptop program (BYOD). To guarantee that urgent repairs may be finished within 24 hours, the majority of them have established in-school Apple Authorized Service Center.


Software solutions

In addition to the great success of our hardware implementation at Western Academy of Beijing, SolutionKeys also works closely with the school on the software side, including customized software and information systems to ensure that managers can easily complete their daily tasks through our software.

In order to facilitate unified communications and boost productivity, SolutionKeys has assisted schools in integrating their existing school information management systems, finance systems, personnel systems, and administrative systems.


As a result of our efforts, a long-term atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation has developed between SolutionKeys and schools. We bring products with the best and most advanced technology to the teachers and students of WAB, and these models often become the ones that other schools follow.