Dulwich College Beijing – The Evolution of IT in Education

Dulwich College Beijing (DCB) is a modern 21st century school that has invested heavily in its IT facilities: every classroom is equipped with a whiteboard and all staff receive regular training to help them improve their ability to use technology in teaching and learning.

DCB now has thousands of students, and to ensure that their IT infrastructure can meet the school’s continued growth in use, the school chose to partner with SolutionKeys. The school has created a virtual learning environment and offers a 1:1 laptop program for students in grades 6 and above. Our aim is to ensure that we are able to introduce DCB to highly technical IT projects that will meet the needs and development of the school during the months of March, June and December.



In 2009, with the help of SolutionKeys, DCB improved the level of technical support for the school’s laptop program, completed a major upgrade of the network, and held conferences on Adobe software at the school.

One of the big changes brought about by SolutionKeys was the establishment of an Apple Authorized Service Center at the school. SolutionKeys collaborated with the school to offer it with trained personnel and Apple-certified technical support, which substantially enhanced communication between instructors, students, and IT support and facilitated the quicker resolution of difficulties.

Additionally, DCB has a campus Apple Store authorized by Apple and created by SolutionKeys. The school’s students and faculty can easily and confidently purchase the accessories they need with the assurance that they are authentic. The store also allows them to upgrade their computers in different ways depending on their needs. With experienced technicians able to select the right memory for students’ computers during lunch hours, students need to spend much less time on this, so they can spend more energy on their studies and school activities.

In working with schools, we have developed a school-specific workflow that integrates retail, finance and administration. With the one-to-one laptop program, parents don’t have to worry about not knowing what to buy for their children in terms of computers or accessories. This makes the school’s equipment distribution much more efficient.


Our collaboration with DCB has been incredibly productive and successful. We believe that our future cooperation will continue to grow.