German Embassy School of Beijing – A Long-Term Client of SolutionKeys

The German Embassy School of Beijing is a school that demands the highest quality of service and products, both in technical and commercial terms. Since the end of 2004, SolutionKeys has earned the satisfaction and trust of the school through its high quality of service. Since 2007, SolutionKeys has deployed several key projects for the German Embassy School. The first project was the development of an information management system for the school, which was designed to track and monitor student enrolment, optimize the use of school resources and serve as an alternative payment method for the school canteen.


Solution 1. School Information Management System

In close cooperation with the IT department of the German Embassy School of Beijing, SolutionKeys designed and developed a school information management system that integrates the student information management system, communication with parents, the school finance system and other administrative functions. In addition to this, we have integrated the school information management system with the student ID smart card system. The system uses contactless ID system technology to greatly improve the efficiency of school administration, allowing students and staff to easily complete registration or borrow items from the school library through this system.


Solution 2. Network transformation

As part of the school’s investment in the learning environment, the German Embassy School of Beijing has announced that it will soon begin construction of its new premises in Beijing. The school chose SolutionKeys to design and build the computer infrastructure, which also included the deployment of a wireless network covering the entire campus. We recommended the use of Cisco’s enterprise standard 802.11n wireless network architecture in the solution. In addition, we also upgraded the servers to Microsoft Server 2008 to match the new network installation.

The complexity of deploying the IT infrastructure to the new building was beyond our expectations. With a project management attitude that did not overlook any of the small details, SolutionKeys ensured that the project went as smoothly as planned through constant communication and coordination with the contractor. Thanks to this attention to detail, the project was delivered on schedule and SolutionKeys’ Microsoft Server certified engineers successfully upgraded the school’s servers to Microsoft Server 2008, thus avoiding disruption to network services due to poor version compatibility.