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Beijing Kaiwen Academy



Founded in 2016, Beijing Kaiwen Academy has developed a unique bilingual integrated curriculum with the concept of “East meets West”, combining Kaiwen’s strengths with KIC, and using experienced Chinese and foreign elite teachers to provide quality teaching to over 1100 students in the school, making it one of the best international schools in China.



The types of devices used in the school include Windows, iPad and Mac in large quantities. When students use Macs or iPads for learning, they have to install and update instructional software on their devices as requested by their academic teachers, which requires a lot of time and effort and can take away valuable learning time. In contrast to learning, students also install and run games on their devices at will, thus interfering with studying. The solution to these problems cannot depend solely on the supervision of parents and teachers. Relying on the technology of the IT department to make students use their devices efficiently and regularly is the way to solve the problem once and for all.



Jamf Pro’s features for Mac devices offer great convenience to teaching participants, making Jamf Pro the solution of choice. As a result, we provided a local Jamf Pro test environment and assisted with testing.


During the testing process, the client was pleasantly surprised by Jamf Pro’s ability to effectively solve current problems and was satisfied with its additional highlight features, especially the software distribution management, account management, reporting and software restrictions, which greatly exceeded the client’s expectations. In the end, Jamf Pro was adopted as a matter of course.



Schools can enjoy the performance offered by Jamf in the following areas,

  • Software Management: The flexibility to distribute, update and uninstall software.
  • Integrate with ASM (Apple School Manager): zero-touch deployment for staff devices and distribution of App Store applications without Apple IDs.
  • Inventory: view detailed information about a device’s system, software, accounts, policy logs, online status, etc.
  • Notification and Reporting: the ability to export customized reports or create scheduled email reports, that helps administrators to know the device status, and keep abreast of non-compliant student computer use through Smart Group’s email notification feature.
  • Execute customized script policies: meet growing management needs without the limitations of established functional modules.
  • Extension Attributes: create custom device attribute fields to collect more information.
  • Smart Group: more than 100 filtering criteria can greatly facilitate automated management.
  • Logging: easy to track policy deployment and troubleshoot problems.


Beijing Kaiwen Academy has benefited greatly from the Jamf Mac management solution, not only has the management of students’ Mac devices become easier and more efficient, but the IT department’s operational capabilities have been further enhanced, addressing these major long-standing issues:

  • The lack of Mac management.
  • The need for instructional software installations and updates that take up valuable instructional time.

Students misuse their Macs without parental and school supervision with casual usage (e.g., playing games) and not being promptly detected and prevented.



Schools for children of foreigners,K12



Deployment and Provisioning:

  • User-initiated enrollment
  • User approved MDM (UAMDM)

Configuration Management:

  • Configuration profiles
  • Policies
  • Scripts

App Management:

  • Apple deployment integration


  • Scoping and targeting
  • Smart groups