Jamf training catalog

The Jamf Training Catalog provides all customers with a range of free course resources for self-paced, self-study learning of Apple’s enterprise management workflows. It covers more than 300 topics across all Jamf products for every pre-sales technician, IT administrator, help … Read More

Apple Mobile Device Management FAQ

What is Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM)? Apple’s expansion into the enterprise has brought with it a more productive workforce and the ability for employees to work truly anywhere. But more freedom, ever-expanding boundaries, and new operating systems can also … Read More

Maintaining equipment Inventory information

Equipment inventory information is a basic element of equipment management, although the equipment will automatically upload hardware and software information after registering to Jamf Pro, there are still some information that can’t be directly accessed or automatically updated, such as … Read More

Improve your device lifecycle management

As IT infrastructures become more complex, tracking, managing software and hardware infrastructure investments creates greater challenges for organisations.Not only does the IT staff need to identify the assets that are being utilised, but in order to be effective and efficient, … Read More

Configuration file creation and deployment

Configuration Profiles (Configuration Profiles) are in xml format and provide a very easy way to define settings or restrictions for computers, mobile devices or users, and you can use Jamf Pro to create such profiles.   (Loads of configuration files) … Read More

Using Composer under VM to complete the snapshot method of software production

Composer allows you to build installation packages of software, applications, preference files, or documentation that can be deployed to remote computers or as part of an image process. The first step in building a package is to create a package … Read More

Jamf work order system go-live notification

In order to provide better after-sales service, we have opened a technical support work order system, which allows you and your colleagues to create work orders for problems encountered during the use of JAMF products, to know the status of … Read More

Be the first to know about available macOS software updates

“Fixed a number of bugs and added some new features” This is a relatively common update description in the App Store, although simple and crude, but it covers the 2 main points of the app update that users can not … Read More

How to use Jamf to manage your Apple File Safe

In today’s mobile work and education environments, a key feature of Apple devices is the built-in macOS encryption technology that protects organisational data and user privacy. The latest computers with the Apple M1 chip have additional encryption features. While these … Read More

Make your macOS and iOS data devices more secure

The value of the device itself is limited and will depreciate, but the value of the user data stored on the device is immeasurable, the loss or leakage of data or even related to the survival of the enterprise, especially … Read More