Make your macOS and iOS data devices more secure

The value of the device itself is limited and will depreciate, but the value of the user data stored on the device is immeasurable, the loss or leakage of data or even related to the survival of the enterprise, especially Internet companies, so data security has become more and more companies are concerned about the most important thing.

The core data of the enterprise will be saved in the internal data centre, but it is also important to protect the terminal equipment, hard disk data leakage is likely to affect the development of the business, by cracking the password of the end-user is more likely to jeopardize the security of the data centre core data. In the face of the enterprise more and more internal use of equipment and go out of office personnel’s portable devices, the IT department will be how to deal with this equipment and data security risks?

Zhao, a business manager, travelled to Shanghai to talk about a very important business, and the business priorities of the conversation with the customer are recorded in the notebook carried, with the intention of returning to Beijing headquarters to collate these customer data and give solutions. But on the way back to Beijing, the laptop and iPad were stolen, Zhao immediately reported to the police after discovering the theft, due to the important results of this business trip and some other customers’ confidential information are in the computer, Zhao was very worried, and at the same time called the headquarters of the IT to seek help.

After some exchanges with the IT staff, Zhao finally felt a little more relaxed, and the IT staff told him that they would prepare a new laptop and iPad for him, and the data would be restored to the new device. After returning to the head office with some trepidation, Zhao received a new computer and iPad from the IT department, but at this point he was still a little worried, after all, he was very concerned about whether the data could be recovered and saved.

With the help of the IT staff, Manager Zhao successfully recovered all the data and expressed great gratitude to the IT department. At the same time, he was reassured by the IT staff that they had remotely wiped all the data on the iPad and that the data on the laptop could not be accessed by others, so all the data on the lost device would never be lost.

Manager Zhao was thankful and at the same time had some interest in the work done by IT. It turned out that the company had adopted the MDM management software Jamf Pro. The IT staff had issued the following series of security policies to all the devices through Jamf Pro to ensure the security of the data:

Device login password policy. Complex passwords ensure that devices cannot be easily breached.
Enable Firmware Lock. Avoids resetting account passwords or modifying system settings by others.
Enabled File Safe. Full disc encryption ensures data security even if the device is stolen.
Time Machine automatic backup enabled. Ensures that data can be recovered if documents are deleted or the device is lost.
Set up VPN network. Ensure that confidential information will not be leaked when people are out in public or other network environments.

After hearing this, Manager Zhao said that in the future, he will definitely support the budget invested in IT more, so that it can better provide more services and value to the staff and the company.

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