Be the first to know about available macOS software updates

“Fixed a number of bugs and added some new features” This is a relatively common update description in the App Store, although simple and crude, but it covers the 2 main points of the app update that users can not refuse, fixing bugs and adding new features.

For administrators, then, newly confirmed bugs need to be patched in a timely manner, and software that comes with new features needs to be distributed to users in a timely manner.IT staff getting notified of updates is generally an afterthought, and there’s no timely and effective way to do it.

However, Jamf Pro provides an update management function, after the administrator subscribes to the corresponding software alerts, the administrator will get the email or Jamf Pro notification at the first time when the software is released, which greatly shortens the deployment cycle of the new version. Not only that, administrators can also know the detailed version of software installed on all devices through the update management, and can even install the highest version of software suitable for the operating system according to the user’s actual situation.

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