Improve your device lifecycle management

As IT infrastructures become more complex, tracking, managing software and hardware infrastructure investments creates greater challenges for organisations.Not only does the IT staff need to identify the assets that are being utilised, but in order to be effective and efficient, they must also reduce asset sprawl and remain compliant with existing leases and licensing agreements. Unfortunately most companies today are unable to understand and proactively manage the lifecycle of their assets, vendor information, contractual elements, asset costs and other requirements.

Jamf Pro provides comprehensive equipment lifecycle management that includes a record of equipment purchase information, from which you can learn specific information such as the equipment’s lease or purchase date, vendor, warranty, price, and more. With this information IT can more easily carry out equipment maintenance, such as contacting the corresponding distributor to solve hardware problems or purchase maintenance, or collecting all the machines that are about to be out of warranty in less than 60 days for a centralised hardware inspection, to ensure that hardware problems are solved within the warranty period, in order to save IT maintenance costs.

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