Configuration file creation and deployment

Configuration Profiles (Configuration Profiles) are in xml format and provide a very easy way to define settings or restrictions for computers, mobile devices or users, and you can use Jamf Pro to create such profiles.


(Loads of configuration files)


There are some key points to share with you regarding configuration and deployment of profiles:

Deployment of profiles is based on communication with APNs.
Don’t forget the scope setting.
Some payloads support multiple settings

o For example, multiple WiFi settings can be added to a WiFi payload.

Configuration files are updated by removing the old ones before installing the new ones.

o Ensure that the device is connected to the network when the new profile is installed during this process.

Troubleshooting steps for profile deployment

o Verify that the load is configured correctly

o View the deployment status through the configuration file logs.

o Check the deployment status by going to the management history of the specified device.

Deployment Recommendations

o Avoid adding multiple unrelated loads to a single configuration file.

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