Offering iPad to enhance student success


Shijiazhuang Jiabei School



Shijiazhuang Jiabei School blends Chinese and Western educational philosophies. The school helps students explore the cognitive world and guides and encourages their growth. At the same time, the school focuses on the overall development, diversification and skill acquisition of students, developing a variety of quality and interesting programs. Established in 2016, the school employs nearly 100 people and provides quality training programs for several schools, creating a modern educational system.



The school’s initial iPad management requirements were fairly straightforward, only requiring the pushing and updating of a few instructional apps. The issue with app distribution could have been solved with Jamf Now. Jamf Now gradually falls short of meeting the fundamental management requirements for iPad classroom management, web filtering, AirDrop restrictions, etc. as the way of teaching and learning with iPads continues to develop.



The school previously used Jamf Now to manage iPads used for classroom instruction, but after using it for a while, it became clear that Jamf Now’s functionality was more basic, with no Classroom and some restricted features that would not meet future needs.

We provide practical implementation solutions based on the actual situation and needs of the school:

  • Jamf cloud server selection and setup

The school does not have a full-time IT staff, the iPad and Jamf management is managed by a main teacher. For him, managing the local server is not only technically difficult, but also takes up a lot of his energy; besides, Jamf Cloud, Jamf’s own cloud server, cannot be used in China, so we recommended to the school to purchase the domestic Ali Cloud and build a Jamf server, whose hosting configuration also complies with Jamf’s requirements.

  • Jamf daily value-added services

After project implementation, we provide daily management of AliCloud Jamf servers, including server data backup checks, host patches and Jamf server upgrades.



After a year of cooperation, the school digitized the iPad learning experience with the help of Jamf Pro.

  • Building digital skills and inspiring learning.
  • Creating a quality experience.
  • Create a new learning pathway with Apple device management.

The school is very satisfied with our services. This is reflected in not only the steady increase in the number of Jamf license purchases, but also in the fact that the school has ordered professional consulting services in addition to our value-added server maintenance services.


  • Training Institutions

Deployment and provisioning:

  • Apple configurator enrollment

Configuration management:

  • Configuration profiles

App management:

  • Apple deployment integration