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Asia’s largest one of the largest and best-performing private equity funds, the group has identified and invested in a large number of outstanding companies with long-term competitive advantages for more than a decade, many of which have become Fortune 500 and A-share listed companies. It has developed into an international team of top talents around the world, and has become a leader in digital technology.



The investment organization places a high priority on information and data security, so the company has stringent security requirements for both public and employee devices.

Every system upgrade and meeting software change for the Mac mini and iPad in the conference room required IT staff to be present with a keyboard and mouse, and neither device could be prohibited from file transfers.

Compliance settings, such as required disk encryption, password policies, stopping shared services, disabling AirDrop, disabling external storage, and computer login security settings, must be implemented for user computers. To prevent the possibility of immeasurable damage from information loss and leakage, IT needs to address each of these issues immediately.



Jamf’s strength lies in its focus on Apple and its ability to provide a full range of solutions in Apple device management, from deployment, content distribution, account management, security settings, user experience, and other device lifecycle to meet the different needs of different customers.

To ensure enterprise device security compliance, SolutionKeys combines macOS and iOS CIS security compliance setting standards, customizes security policies for conference rooms and user devices, and distributes them through Jamf Pro. We also offer best practice recommendations for updating the operating system on Apple devices, turning the upgrade procedure from entirely manual to automated, controlled, and traceable.



With these modifications to conference room equipment management, manual on-site support is now substantially less necessary:

  • Remotely installed and automatically updated meeting software will be used.
  • On Friday nights, the management backend will automatically deliver instructions for system updates to Macs and iPads in conference rooms and screen updates for completion using intelligent groups.
  • With just one click, the management backend can change the meeting software automatically.

Computers used by employees run in a more secure environment that complies with corporate compliance requirements:

  • Disk encryption, DLP installation configuration, software restrictions, password policies and other settings.
  • Jamf Pro integration with Azure Intune and Okta Device Trust to ensure trusted sources of access to enterprise resources.
  • Jamf Unlock integration enables Mac login and authentication in a more secure mechanism.

Any journey toward digital transformation must include an excellent end-user experience. Customers have eliminated operational inefficiencies and lessened the total workload placed on their IT personnel by using Jamf Pro. Jamf Pro offers users a simple device management experience that enables them to handle any issue, wherever they are.



Financial industry, investment industry




  • Restrictions
  • Software upgrades
  • Patch management

Configuration Management:

  • Configuration profiles
  • Policies
  • Scripts