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Founded in 2012, New York University Shanghai (NYU Shanghai) is the first Sino-US university built on the experience of New York University and Manhattan’s financial district, and is based closely on the Lujiazui Financial City. NYU Shanghai has more than 1,800 undergraduates, half of whom are Chinese and half are international students, with international students coming from nearly 80 countries and regions around the world, making it one of the most international universities in the world.



With over 2,000 Windows, Mac and iPad devices, the school originally used ivanti (formerly Landesk) device management software to accommodate the mixed usage environment. Although this approach could manage all devices in one software, it could not meet the daily management needs of Apple devices, and could not provide a quality experience for Apple users – a common phenomenon for single-platform management of mixed environments. Therefore, NYU Shanghai needed a suitable management software to specifically manage Apple devices.



After fully communicating with the client, we understood the bottleneck of current software is to manage Apple devices, the lack of technical support and software updates. So we recommended Jamf Pro – a professional solution focused on Apple device management. We provided a test environment for IT staff to get a deeper understanding of the software’s operation and its functional features.

After nearly a month of hands-on testing, the clients concluded that Jamf Pro had a better UI, clearer logic, richer management features, smarter management tasks, better information aggregation, stronger customization services, richer resource library, more timely updates, etc., which fully met or even exceeded expectations. The school finally decided to choose Jamf Pro.



After communicating several times, the complexity of the actual usage environment and the need for security policies to meet a range of compliance requirements were resolved with the help of the Jamf Certified Expert (JCE) customization services we provided.

After using Jamf Pro for a year, the customer has fully utilised its value, achieved deep development and customization, and seen a significant increase in the effectiveness of Apple device management compared to before.

Many other enhancements and improvements are reflected in the following areas.

  • Easy to find the location of the device.
  • Device activation lock bypass.
  • Detailed device information, rich asset management modules.
  • Ability to customize and export reports.
  • Critical event notifications.
  • Status notification alerts, such as run or install forbidden applications, policy execute results, device management status, etc.
  • Flexible software distribution, updates and uninstallation.
  • Ability to execute commands or scripts.
  • API.
  • Automated management tasks.
  • Rich and strict security policies.
  • Plenty of logs such as policy execute log, remote command log, app usage log, remote connection log, security audit log, login access log and change management log, etc.

It is worth noting that NYU Shanghai has integrated the Jamf Pro API with the equipment rental system to automate the entire process from check out, check in and equipment reset.

With Jamf Pro, customers can easily manage MacOS and iOS devices separately, greatly optimizing Apple device management and improving efficiency.






Deployment and Provisioning:

  • Zero-touch enrollment
  • User-initiated enrollment

Configuration management:

  • Configuration profiles
  • Policies
  • Scripts

User empowerment:

  • Self service