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The group is dedicated to offering a wide variety of fashion products and a top-notch customer experience as a leading global fashion brand. For various client categories and fashions, it has so far created a number of brands and collections. With more than 2,500 single-brand stores and more than 10,000 multi-brand stores, the organization is currently active in 105 countries.



As a global famous brand, the company has many stores. However, there are only a few iPads in each store, and the devices require internet connection, app purchase, app update, and product image update, etc. The store staff are unable to handle the device issues because they lack IT-related experience. Additionally, it was challenging for IT staff to instruct them how to use the devices remotely without having access to devices.



Retailers understand the value of excellent customer service, effective operations, and prompt communication. Additionally, implementing it within stores has never been simpler thanks to mobile technology.

The company has the chance to transform using mobile technology, combining online and offline sales channels, working with staff and suppliers, and adding insight to every customer interaction.

The only issue left is managing the apps, mobile devices, and security settings that enable it all.

Jamf and Apple fulfill the retail dream, whether you’re in charge of a single store, a group of shops, or a dispersed sales force.

The Jamf Pro device management solution enables zero-touch device deployment, App Store and enterprise app distribution and updates, eBook push, remote locking and wiping of devices, and more.



With the adoption of Jamf Pro to manage store iPads, IT personnel do not need to touch the device from the time it is ordered to the time it is delivered to the store and put into use, let alone operate it in any way. Store staff can connect to the mall or store network after getting the device and automatically register it to the management backend. The device will automatically download corporate applications, get product pictures eBooks, configure iPads, etc. according to the unified settings.

Even if the device breaks down and needs to be repaired, IT does not need to touch the device. After the device is repaired and returned to the store, it will also be restored to its original state. Zero-touch deployment is the best example.

  • New equipment mailed directly to the store, which can be easily prepared by store personnel without IT assistance.
  • Automatic installation and update of the store app.
  • New merchandise introduction and pictures will be pushed to stores in the first time, ensuring no delay in new product display.
  • Remote locking and wiping of devices can protect company and customer data security at the first time.



Fashion Design



App Management:

  • Apple deployment integration
  • Custom app configurations


  • Lock, wipe and restart