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The group was founded in the 1980’s and is based in Europe. It is a leading global group in the field of digitally integrated business services and a strategic partner of the world’s largest companies in many industries. With more than 400,000 employees in 80 countries, the group provides billions of interactions in nearly 200 markets worldwide in approximately 200 languages and dialects.



  • Protecting enterprise data security and the private information of users is the top priority for security compliance.
  • The growing demand for technical support cannot be met. As the number of devices is gradually increasing and distributed in different regions such as Beijing, Xi’an, Kunming, Nanning, etc., although each city has its own management personnel, there is still a need for more timely and effective technical support in Chinese, and there are also high requirements for the competence level of technical support personnel.
  • The compatibility problems encountered by Mac terminal plus Windows domain need to be solved. Mac terminal joining Windows AD domain is convenient for device login and unified identity management, but the problems caused by MacOS and Windows domain compatibility are more prominent in a large sample of devices. For example, domain accounts cannot log in to Macs after power on or hibernation.



We fully cooperated with the customer’s needs and provided a customized health check solution: from server configuration to client control policy settings. In order to address long-standing problems and prevent recurring ones, we strengthened cluster access control, adjusted policy rationality settings, optimized server resource ratios, provided best practices and technical training, and adjusted policy rationality settings. During the later operation and maintenance support process, we were able to quickly respond and assist customers in finding solutions to real-world issues.

  • Jamf Connect
  • Jamf Connect

One of the problems that affects a wide range of people is the user’s computer login problem.

Users used to connect in to Mac computers using their AD accounts, however there always have been significant incompatibilities between Mac and AD domains, such as the inability of users’ AD accounts to log in or unlock their machines.

Although the probability of this problem on a single computer is not high, due to the large number of devices, IT staff often receive work orders for such problems and there is no effective solution. After learning about this issue, and given that the customer was already using Azure AD, we recommended the Jamf Connect product as a good solution to the AD domain account login problem.

Jamf Connect allows users to use their O365 email accounts to log in to their Macs and automatically create local accounts while keeping their passwords in sync. For existing AD domain mobile accounts on computers, account merging can be done without any data migration. For example, group A users will have local administrator privileges after logging in to the Mac, while group B users will be normal users after logging in to the Mac.



The timely and effective support have provided great help to the IT staff of this enterprise and solved many difficult problems.

Since the deployment of Jamf Connect, the company has not experienced similar problems with domain account logins, significantly reducing the IT staff’s operations and maintenance support for authentication.






App management:

  • Apple deployment integration

Identity-Based Access:

  • Account provisioning
  • Identity management
  • Password synchronization