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A world-renowned large public company that integrates R&D, production and sales of consumer electronics system assembly. Its sales revenue exceeds 100 billion RMB and it has 40 subsidiaries, more than 10 manufacturing bases and over 30,000 employees.



As an Apple supply chain vendor, Apple has a set of extremely strict security specification requirements to the customer prevent business information leakage. Therefore, Apple computers and cell phone terminals of enterprise employees need to be subject to security control, such as prohibiting the use of USB disk devices for computers, prohibiting AirDrop, prohibiting connection to non-company Wi-Fi networks, and prohibiting the installation of instant messaging applications.



  • Work with the best in the business.

The customer must make sure that the onboarding service has the official credentials and gold standard based on the core business engaged, the highest industry standards, thorough audits, and tight operations. In other words, the customer must select to work with the finest in the industry.

Customers of SolutionKeys receive a comprehensive variety of services and unique, authentic, factory-authorized implementations from our team of Jamf Certified Experts  (JCE) as an officially recognized Jamf integrator. Nothing is left to chance.

  • Support from day one

The onboarding service of Jamf Pro includes implementation services for new customer deployments. We understand that different customers have different needs, and as a Jamf Authorized Integrator, SolutionKeys worked with the customer to develop a User Acceptance Test (UAT) to achieve the most effective results.

  • During a personalized Jamf onboarding deployment implementation, Jamf Pro experts will work with customers to configure Jamf Pro and integrate it seamlessly into their existing environment.
  • Through hands-on presentations, trainers will help customers become familiar with Jamf Pro features and configurations, provide workflow advice, review available support resources, and introduce additional training and certification options.

Centralized equipment management is also a challenging issue for IT to manage because the customer has factories spread across various cities. Therefore, the customer needed a solution to support multi-site deployment.

After thorough discussion, we quickly developed a deployment architecture solution based on the requirements and circumstances of the customer: the solution uses a highly reliable High Availability (HA) centralized management and distributed distribution architecture, which takes into account the service’s high reliability as well as the prompt and effective distribution of client content.

When it comes to device control policy settings, in addition to some already-existing MDM security control policies, we have created demand-specific scripting policies that can detect the device’s current Wi-Fi information and force disconnect and try to connect to the specified Wi-Fi if it is found to be connected to a non-company Wi-Fi. -This makes the process of creating accounts and logging into networks much simpler.

We have created a solution that perfectly fits the customer’s scenario and needs and is delivered smoothly with original standard services and additional professional services by combining our experience from over 300 successful enterprise customer deployments:

  • Jamf Pro HA architecture to guarantee service availability.
  • Centralized and sub-site management, enabling a combination of unified policy standards and customized policies for each factory site.
  • Distributed and failover software distribution nodes that balance fast and efficient content distribution with reliability.
  • Security compliance policies and customized scripts that keep information security in a controllable and visible state.
  • POC-based project checklist delivery and acceptance.
  • A complete project management system that ensures orderly and on-time project delivery.
  • Complete project implementation documentation for easy post-operation and maintenance.



Because it fully complied with Apple’s requirements for compliance and security management, this solution assisted the client in getting more orders from Apple. The customer’s acquisition of numerous foundries to meet capacity needs as a result of the rise in orders helped to further solidify its position as the market leader in the foundry sector.

SolutionKeys not only enables customers to receive deployment services with stability, dependability, and peace of mind, but also enables Jamf’s capabilities to making the most of the Jamf environment.



Processing and manufacturing, high-tech industries, is one of the Apple supply chain



Configuration Management:

  • Configuration profiles
  • Policies
  • Scripts


  • Restrictions
  • Active directory binding