Jamf training catalog

The Jamf Training Catalog provides all customers with a range of free course resources for self-paced, self-study learning of Apple’s enterprise management workflows. It covers more than 300 topics across all Jamf products for every pre-sales technician, IT administrator, help … Read More

Improve your device lifecycle management

As IT infrastructures become more complex, tracking, managing software and hardware infrastructure investments creates greater challenges for organisations.Not only does the IT staff need to identify the assets that are being utilised, but in order to be effective and efficient, … Read More

Configuration file creation and deployment

Configuration Profiles (Configuration Profiles) are in xml format and provide a very easy way to define settings or restrictions for computers, mobile devices or users, and you can use Jamf Pro to create such profiles.   (Loads of configuration files) … Read More

Using Composer under VM to complete the snapshot method of software production

Composer allows you to build installation packages of software, applications, preference files, or documentation that can be deployed to remote computers or as part of an image process. The first step in building a package is to create a package … Read More

Multiple ways to register your device

Registration is the process of adding a macOS, iOS or tvOS device to Jamf Pro. Registration submits the device’s inventory information to Jamf Pro and also makes the device subject to Jamf Pro’s management, which will allow you to perform … Read More

File (folder) permissions when building packages with Composer

When building a package you may need to adjust the permissions of files or folders within the package source accordingly to ensure that the package works properly when deployed to the client. Before that, let’s take a look at the … Read More

What is the difference between DMG and PKG format packages generated using Composer?

When building packages from a package source using Composer, there are two different types of packages: the PKG and the DMG.Do you know the difference between the two? And how to choose between them? Each format has its own advantages … Read More

Dashboard gives you the most intuitive reports on your strategy execution.

The dashboard in the car is very important for drivers, in the dashboard can not only display the remaining oil, water temperature, engine speed, driving speed and other operating conditions, when the vehicle malfunctions there will be corresponding prompts, which … Read More