Dashboard gives you the most intuitive reports on your strategy execution.

The dashboard in the car is very important for drivers, in the dashboard can not only display the remaining oil, water temperature, engine speed, driving speed and other operating conditions, when the vehicle malfunctions there will be corresponding prompts, which will help drivers understand and respond to the entire vehicle.



Jamf Pro provides very rich and comprehensive management features. As an administrator, you will definitely want to have a dashboard to keep track of device deployment and policy enforcement, and to respond proactively to anomalies when necessary.



As you would expect, the Jamf Pro dashboard allows you to monitor the status of common items in Jamf Pro, such as Smart Groups, Policies, Configuration Files, Patch Reports, and Licensed Software, from one control centre. In the project status you can see the deployment status of policies, configurations, updates, etc. at a glance, which greatly facilitates deployment management!

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