Implementing LAPS with Jamf Pro

What is LAPS? The full name of LAPS is Local Administrator Password Solution, LAPS provides organisations with a unified management of local administrator account passwords for client computers included: The local administrator password is unique for each computer managed by … Read More

How Jamf Pro determines if a macOS/iOS device has been taken out of control

The first step in Apple’s device management process is to connect the device to Jamf Pro, which then sends out controlled tasks, such as performing app installs, system updates, remote locks, remote wipes, and so on. However, all of these … Read More

Problems and solutions after iOS Self Service 11.2 upgrade

On 15 November 2023 Jamf updated iOS Self Service to version 11.2.0, after the upgrade you may not be able to access the Jamf Pro server as shown below: To resolve this issue, please upgrade to version 11.2.1, or go … Read More

Coming soon Jamf Remote Assist

Learn about Jamf Remote Assist, an upcoming new tool in Jamf Pro that enables administrators to remotely troubleshoot registered Macs. Jamf Remote Assist (JRA) further enhances the capabilities of Jamf Pro 11 by delivering a modern, native experience for IT … Read More

Do a good control check and have a worry-free Spring Festival

The New Year is just around the corner, are you all ready? As the New Crown Virus is still rampant, we must take precautions when travelling. As well as personal health protection, as Jamf Pro administrators, you must also protect … Read More

Improve your device lifecycle management

As IT infrastructures become more complex, tracking, managing software and hardware infrastructure investments creates greater challenges for organisations.Not only does the IT staff need to identify the assets that are being utilised, but in order to be effective and efficient, … Read More

Configuration file creation and deployment

Configuration Profiles (Configuration Profiles) are in xml format and provide a very easy way to define settings or restrictions for computers, mobile devices or users, and you can use Jamf Pro to create such profiles.   (Loads of configuration files) … Read More

Using Composer under VM to complete the snapshot method of software production

Composer allows you to build installation packages of software, applications, preference files, or documentation that can be deployed to remote computers or as part of an image process. The first step in building a package is to create a package … Read More

Be the first to know about available macOS software updates

“Fixed a number of bugs and added some new features” This is a relatively common update description in the App Store, although simple and crude, but it covers the 2 main points of the app update that users can not … Read More

How to use Jamf to manage your Apple File Safe

In today’s mobile work and education environments, a key feature of Apple devices is the built-in macOS encryption technology that protects organisational data and user privacy. The latest computers with the Apple M1 chip have additional encryption features. While these … Read More