Maintaining equipment Inventory information

Equipment inventory information is a basic element of equipment management, although the equipment will automatically upload hardware and software information after registering to Jamf Pro, there are still some information that can’t be directly accessed or automatically updated, such as … Read More

How to use Jamf to manage your Apple File Safe

In today’s mobile work and education environments, a key feature of Apple devices is the built-in macOS encryption technology that protects organisational data and user privacy. The latest computers with the Apple M1 chip have additional encryption features. While these … Read More

Know your macOS and iOS devices inside out.

“Li, the newly emerged ransomware virus is more rampant, quickly check which computers do not have antivirus software installed, install it as soon as possible if it is not installed, and update it as soon as possible if it is … Read More

Understanding SSL Certificates, APNs Certificates, Jamf Push Proxy Certificates

Within Jamf Pro will involve SSL certificates, APNs certificates, Jamf Push Proxy certificates, each of which has its own role and validity period, let’s learn more about it below.   SSL Certificate Jamf Pro requires a valid SSL certificate to … Read More

My Preferences My Settings

Everyone is an individual with their own mindset and their own favourite way of dealing with things. That’s why personal mobile phones and computers allow users to make personalised settings such as wallpaper, layout, brightness, etc. Jamf Pro also allows … Read More

Understanding App Installers

App Installers are a new feature in Jamf Pro 10.37 that saves Mac administrators time and ensures end users have the latest versions of the applications they need. App Installer Basics App Installers are an important new way for Mac … Read More