Understanding SSL Certificates, APNs Certificates, Jamf Push Proxy Certificates

Within Jamf Pro will involve SSL certificates, APNs certificates, Jamf Push Proxy certificates, each of which has its own role and validity period, let’s learn more about it below.


SSL Certificate

Jamf Pro requires a valid SSL certificate to ensure that computers and mobile devices are communicating with the Jamf Pro server and not an impostor server.The Apache Tomcat settings in Jamf Pro allow you to create SSL certificates from Jamf Pro’s built-in Certificate Authority (CA), or you can upload an SSL certificate secret key obtained from an in-house CA or trusted third-party vendor. vendor. If your Jamf Pro environment is hosted in Jamf Cloud, the Apache Tomcat settings are managed by Jamf Cloud and you will have no access to the settings and will not need to do anything to set them up.


APNs Certificates

Jamf Pro requires a valid push certificate to communicate with Apple Push Notification Services (APNs), which are required for the following events to occur:

– Sending macOS configuration files and macOS remote commands to a computer

– Distributing Mac App Store apps to computers

– Registering and managing iOS devices


APNs certificates are valid for 1 year, expired or revoked certificates will result in Jamf Pro not being able to continue to communicate with APNs, and therefore not being able to continue to manage computers and mobile devices, and you will need to register computers or mobile devices with Jamf Pro again under new APNs certificates in order to resume management.


Jamf Push Proxy Certificate

The Jamf Pro Proxy enables communication between the Jamf Pro server and the devices on which the Self Service application is installed. This communication allows you to send notifications to the Message Centre on computers and mobile devices on which the Self Service application is installed.


Jamf Pro requires a valid Proxy Server Token to authenticate to the Jamf Push Proxy, Jamf Pro’s Setup Assistant will guide you through the process of requesting a new Proxy Server Token from the Jamf Authorisation Server and uploading it to Jamf Pro.


Refer to the following links for certificate creation and renewal:

– SSL Certificates: https://docs.jamf.com/10.12.0/jamf-pro/administrator-guide/SSL_Certificate.html

– APNs Certificate: https://docs.jamf.com/10.12.0/jamf-pro/administrator-guide/Push_Certificates.html

– Jamf Push Proxy: https://docs.jamf.com/10.12.0/jamf-pro/administrator-guide/Jamf_Push_Proxy.html

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