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Everyone is an individual with their own mindset and their own favourite way of dealing with things. That’s why personal mobile phones and computers allow users to make personalised settings such as wallpaper, layout, brightness, etc.

Jamf Pro also allows each administrator account to configure their own settings according to their own preferences and needs, such as Dashboard, Inventory Display, Search Preferences, Region, etc., which will help us better understand the status of our devices and control policies. If you’re still new to these settings, let us help you learn more about them and show you how to set them up.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the individual account preferences available in the Jamf Pro Management Console:

Event Notifications
Language, region and search settings
Search information bar display

Next let’s take a look at how each of these preferences are set up:

Event Notifications. In the Currently logged in account icon, you can go to the Notification option and tick the specific event notifications you wish to receive.
Language, Region and Search Settings. Again from the current login icon, go to Account Preferences and under the Language&Region tab set the region, language, time zone, date display format, etc. Under the Search Preferences tab, set your search preferences.
The search information bar is displayed. By default, when performing a search, only the device name field is displayed in the search results, we can add a custom information field, which reduces unnecessary operations to get the required information. Go to Jamf Pro Settings – Computer/Device Management – Inventory Display, tick the information boxes of interest, and in the future the search results will present what we need.
Dashboard. The Dashboard not only displays the number of devices in the group, but also presents an intuitive view of the status of the policy implementation completion at a glance. All we need to do is to find Show in Jamf Pro Dashboard in Smart Group, Patch Management, Configuration Profile and Policy and tick it, then click the “Jamf | Pro” icon in the top left corner to see the status. ” icon in the upper left corner to view the status.


How about it, did you learn it?

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