Know your macOS and iOS devices inside out.

“Li, the newly emerged ransomware virus is more rampant, quickly check which computers do not have antivirus software installed, install it as soon as possible if it is not installed, and update it as soon as possible if it is installed and not updated, and complete it today! Give me a progress report before work.” As soon as he arrived at the unit the department manager said to Xiao Li. “Okay, I’ll check it right away.” Xiao Li replied.

After 1 hour, Xiao Li came to the manager’s office and said, “Leader, the check is finished, all computers have been installed with antivirus software, and some of the versions that have not been updated have been updated, and now all the computers are under security protection. This is the detailed report.”

“The checking and updating is done so quickly?How did you do it with more than 500 computers?”

“Well, we have Jamf Pro, which automatically searches which computers have antivirus installed and can tell which version is currently installed, then I created a new policy to push the latest version over the network to all the clients that don’t have it installed or aren’t up-to-date, and then install it in the background. There is no need to go to a colleague’s computer to do anything and it doesn’t affect their work.”

“Fantastic, so the Jamf Pro we bought is so good, if it was before, this workload is estimated to take a week, and it also affects the user’s office. If a large number of machines are infected with viruses due to the lack of timely update of antivirus software, the consequences will be serious, now the value of the data, the system can be reinstalled, but if the data can not be retrieved will be enough to give us a headache, Jamf’s investment is still very worthwhile!” The manager said very happily, “Now I am relieved, I will praise you in the afternoon meeting with the company leaders. Well, you get busy.”

“This is what I should do.” Xiao Li happily left the leader’s office.

Xiao Li’s efficiency was so high thanks to:

Quickly knowing which devices have this software installed and the version installed on those devices. No need for on-site troubleshooting and precise scope.
Instant distribution of deployed software over the network. No manual installation and bulk distribution.

Within an organisation, due to departmental or positional divisions, devices may have different applications installed on them, doing different policies. Administrators can do targeted deployment before distributing devices to users, but after the devices are distributed, it is difficult for administrators to get the latest information about the devices, and it becomes physical work to install new applications or deploy new policies.

With MDM, administrators can not only check the status of the distributed devices at any time, such as checking the installed software and version, checking the version of the device operating system, checking the hardware information of the device, checking the frequency of software usage, checking the system security settings, checking the status of policy enforcement, checking the status of disk space usage, and so on, but also can instantly or regularly perform some remote tasks, such as installing software, executing scripts, creating/deleting user accounts, and so on. scripts, create/delete user accounts, add network configurations, and modify system security settings.

Managing devices requires knowing them well so that you can accurately identify problems when needed and quickly resolve them, reduce or avoid possible risks, and protect your organisation’s data security.

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