Implementing LAPS with Jamf Pro

What is LAPS? The full name of LAPS is Local Administrator Password Solution, LAPS provides organisations with a unified management of local administrator account passwords for client computers included: The local administrator password is unique for each computer managed by … Read More

Do a good control check and have a worry-free Spring Festival

The New Year is just around the corner, are you all ready? As the New Crown Virus is still rampant, we must take precautions when travelling. As well as personal health protection, as Jamf Pro administrators, you must also protect … Read More

How to use Jamf to manage your Apple File Safe

In today’s mobile work and education environments, a key feature of Apple devices is the built-in macOS encryption technology that protects organisational data and user privacy. The latest computers with the Apple M1 chip have additional encryption features. While these … Read More

Make your macOS and iOS data devices more secure

The value of the device itself is limited and will depreciate, but the value of the user data stored on the device is immeasurable, the loss or leakage of data or even related to the survival of the enterprise, especially … Read More

I know about all the Apple devices that don’t have the latest patch installed

Security management is an important matter in the daily management of IT, we know that various versions of the system may have security holes, hackers may develop corresponding malware according to the security holes, endangering the safety of user data … Read More

Automating Apple Device Management with Jamf Pro and Okta Workflows

Vincent Bonnin, Sales Engineer at Jamf, along with Emily Wendell, Product Manager at Okta, presented a how-to session on JNUC 2021. They covered Okta Workflow with Jamf Pro integration in it, built some workflows, and provided several use cases.   … Read More