Automating Apple Device Management with Jamf Pro and Okta Workflows

Vincent Bonnin, Sales Engineer at Jamf, along with Emily Wendell, Product Manager at Okta, presented a how-to session on JNUC 2021. They covered Okta Workflow with Jamf Pro integration in it, built some workflows, and provided several use cases.



Okta Workflows and JamfPro

This JNUC 2021 course on Apple device management using Okta Workflows and JamfPro is an approach to API automation operations with detailed instructions and use cases.

Okta and Okta Workflows

First, Wendell introduces Okta: an independent and neutral employee identity platform, and a scalable and secure customer identity platform.

Okta Workflow is an automated way of operating across applications to manage complex identity scenarios at scale. It uses if-this-then-that logic combined with Okta’s pre-built connector repository. This allows Mac administrators to connect to any publicly available API, such as Jamf’s.

It allows you to automate identity-specific tasks between applications without any code.

Okta Workflow has over 40 connectors to some of the most popular applications on the market. Within these connectors, they have over 400 actions and events.

API automation: using JamfPro‘s built-in connectors

In this presentation Jamf and Okta introduce new connectors based on Jamf Pro’s classic API, visit JamfMarketplace to learn more.

Using Jamf Pro’s Classic API, Okta collects 17 actions that Mac administrators can perform immediately.

Okta Workflow Examples and Use Cases

The speaker in the video walks through detailed examples and use cases and provides step-by-step instructions for the following scenarios:

  • How to run MDM commands on a schedule
  • Distributing applications based on Okta assignments
  • Creating customised conditional access
  • Protecting your Jamf Pro scripts
  • Using templates

Integrating with other Jamf products

Jamf provides API endpoints for most of our products, including the new Jamf Pro API, Jamf Protect’s API, and Jamf School’s API.Custom API calls can be created for all of these products in an Okta workflow.

Using Okta’s Connector Builder, administrators can write new workflow connectors in Okta’s code-free flow designer. Vendors can build connectors for their customers, and administrators can build connectors to easily connect custom tools.

Visit Jamf’s API Developer Centre to get started with these and other custom tools.

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