Level up reporting capabilities with powerful script


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In 1982 Leo opened its doors as a traditional printing company. Since then, it has grown into a leading global printing communications company, providing clients with comprehensive services.



Mac computers are separated into personal use and shared use in client usage scenarios, and each user has administrator privileges. Each user is thus free to add software and modify settings as they see fit. Users frequently need to copy files using USB flash drives due to the nature of their work, but there are no limitations or rules regarding personal USB flash drive usage. The client required the ability to track USB flash drive usage by employee, trigger alerts, and export reports as needed.



Part of policies, scripts open the door to infinite device management capabilities. Anything that can be executed in Terminal via the command line can be turned into a script.

After a few days of development and testing, SolutionKeys determined that the report requirements could be met and confirmed with the client that the test reports met the client’s expectations, and proceeded to the next stage of the procurement and deployment process.



With Jamf Pro’s powerful Extension Attributes, custom scripts and customized reports, the company has achieved intelligent and automated management of:

  • Reports of hardware asset. The report contains information such as computer name, serial number, device model, CPU type, memory size, memory model, hard disk model, storage space, last online time, asset type, operating system, floor and room, location number, department name, section name, day and night shift users, etc.
  • Reports of USB device usage record. The report should contain information such as computer name, computer serial number, USB device type, USB device asset number, USB device match, USB device capacity, USB device serial number, USB device last use time and previous records.
  • Reports of system setting changes. The report contains the computer name, computer serial number, system setting changed items, system setting changed time, and information about the user who made the changes.

Customers can well track the user information of the device, USB access, system device modification and other key concerns, effectively preventing users from misusing the USB storage device and largely avoiding the possibility of leaking important information, while providing more possibilities for other internal systems to obtain the status of the device in Jamf through API and take further relevant actions.



Processing and manufacturing, high-tech industries, is one of the Apple supply chain



Configuration Management:

  • Configuration profiles
  • Policies
  • Scripts


  • Scoping and targeting
  • Smart groups
  • Extension attributes