Want to run non-work study related apps? No way!

Enterprises pursue productivity, if you release the use of all software applications, it is likely to cause data leakage through personal cloud drive or affect the efficiency of employees. Schools focus on the learning efficiency of students, if you release the use of all software applications, it is likely to affect the students’ learning. The IT department needs a solution to handle such application management needs.

Xiao A is a technical support staff in the IT department of a company. In order to comply with the corporate device usage standards, Xiao A has issued a software restriction policy to effectively control the use of personal chat software and cloud sync drive.

Little B is a technical support employee in the IT department of a school, and Little A is a good friend. One weekend when they were chatting, Little B complained:

“Nowadays, children are getting more and more difficult to manage. Since there is one computer for every one of them, there are often children using chatting software to chat or even play games during class time, not to mention after class time. Not only teachers reflect, parents also complained that their children often secretly play games at home, seriously affecting their studies, criticism and education can not control a few days. Parents hope that the school can properly control the use of their children’s computers.”

“Why don’t you have a set of MDM? I use MDM to control the use of software permissions in my unit, and it works very well. ” Little A introduced to Little B.

“What is MDM and what can it do?”

“MDM is Mobile Device Management, which can manage mobile devices such as computers, iPads, mobile phones, etc., and can batch deploy devices, distribute software, update software, policy deployment, account management, restrict software, etc., and restricting software can completely solve the problem you are experiencing now.”

“That’s great, I’ll go back and discuss it with my leader.”

After deploying Jamf Pro, Little B immediately issued an application restriction policy, which was a good solution to the difficulties encountered before, and the teachers and parents were very satisfied that the school was able to effectively manage to the students’ applications.

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