I’m responsible for your macOS backups

The previous introduction mentioned data security, in which backup is also the most common data protection programme. Equipment in the process of being used, hardware life, use of the environment, use habits, accidental damage, loss and other factors always affect data security, the most effective way is to backup in a timely manner.

Here is a real case, one day almost off, an IT staff received a senior leader of other departments of the call for help.

“Hello Xiao Chen, I copied a more important video file from my camera memory card to my desktop in the morning, and now I can’t find it, is it possible to recover it? My memory card has been emptied.”

“Does your computer have a backup?”

“It’s backed up, but I always make backups at night.”

“It should be retrievable, I’ll go over to your computer and have a look.”

“It would be great if it can be retrieved, thanks!”

Xiao Chen came to the leader’s office and checked on the computer, the original file should have been overwritten by other files, then he checked the backup situation, and Time Machine backup was indeed enabled.

He renamed the existing video file, then entered Time Machine, chose the appropriate point in time, found the original video file and confirmed with the leader and clicked on the recovery operation, after a few dozen seconds the original video file was successfully restored to the desktop!

The leader was very happy to see the original video files recovered and said, “Great, thank you so much, I thought there was no hope of recovery, but fortunately I made a phone call to you for help.”

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