Sneaky Installation on Printer macOS

Although more and more people advocate paperless office, but inevitably there are materials need to be presented in paper form, the printer is still an indispensable peripheral device in the daily office, add the printer is also the IT department to do a simple but have to do things. In addition to the uninstallation of printers in the computer, troubleshooting and so on.

Adding a printer (including installing the appropriate driver file) can take 3-5 minutes, which you might think is okay, not too long, but what if there are many? You might say write a manual and let your employees install it themselves, but can you guarantee that everyone will be able to install it successfully? You can’t!

There is a batch of printing and copying MFPs within the company that have been in service for too long and are becoming more and more expensive to maintain, and they are all scheduled to be replaced with newer models in the near future. After the arrival of the new MFPs, due to inconsistencies between the models and the previous ones, the IT department needs to ensure that the new drivers and printers are installed on all the users’ computers, and that the printers of the previous models are deleted so as not to cause any trouble to the users. In order not to affect the normal work of everyone, the replacement work is planned to be carried out after office hours.

After work, the IT department put the new MFP in place, obtained the driver for the model from the official website and added the MFP to one computer to test it. After the test passed, they created a policy to distribute the new drivers and printers and a task to uninstall the old printers in the Jamf Pro Administrator, and then went home from work, with a hot supper waiting at home.

The next day, as usual, all employees sent print jobs to the MFPs, successfully printed and picked up their documents, and suddenly realised that the company had a new batch of printers.

Once again, the IT department solved the problem perfectly, leisurely sipping coffee and tapping on the keyboard, waiting for the next problem.

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