Having trouble with your password? We’ll help you out remotely!

“IC, IP, IQ cards, all tell me the password!” I believe we all know this humorous line. Passwords, such important information, can you just tell others? Of course you can’t, and you can’t just forget it. QQ password, WeChat password, email password, mobile phone password, computer login password, various software login password, bank card password, Alipay password …… so many passwords, and some accounts don’t need to log in from time to time, it’s hard not to forget it.

As an IT, you must have users seeking help for forgetting their passwords. If it’s a domain account password, you can reset the password for it on the server, if it’s the computer’s local login password, then you have to go to the user’s computer to operate. So is there any other way to do it with less hassle? Run fewer roads, use the least operation? In short, solve the problem in the laziest but more efficient way.

With Jamf Pro, you can easily reset user’s computer password remotely, administrator just need to open the corresponding application, select the computer that needs to reset the password, and then you can reset the password for the account of the computer that has been switched on, the whole operation is very simple. iPad reset is even easier, administrator just need to select the iPad in the management terminal, and then click to clear the password. The user can then go to the iPad and reset the desired password. Both macOS and iOS devices are easy to manage passwords without having to get the device and without complicated operations.

In addition, you can reset or clear passwords for managed macOS or iOS devices in bulk. For example, you can reset the administrator account password for managed macOS devices on a regular basis so that the devices will be more secure.

In addition to device login passwords, Jamf Pro can also push Wi-Fi connection profiles with password authentication, so users even don’t need to know what the Wi-Fi password is or connect to Wi-Fi manually, and the device will connect automatically when it goes to the appropriate Wi-Fi network environment.

Let MDM solve your problems and work better!

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