Frontier Tracking – Jamf User Conference (JNUC) Video Sharing

Dear Customer:


On 27-29 September 2022, Jamf held its annual user conference (JNUC).

The conference explains and explores innovative solutions to problems, common workflows, third-party tools and useful resources that can enable IT departments to better manage their Apple devices.

SolutionKeys was present throughout the conference as a Jamf core services partner and authorised integrator. The 153 videos of the conference are not available to the public.

In order to provide our valued customers with early access to the resources and make it easy for them to understand the content of the conference without having to attend, SolutionKeys has created videos with Chinese and English subtitles and will share them with you as soon as they are available online.

For your convenience, the videos will be categorised by topic and will be made available over time.

Stay tuned to SolutionKeys and we wish you all the best!


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