Use Jamf Connect to manage account privileges

Jamf Connect 2.33.0 adds a new account elevation feature that allows standard users to initiate temporary elevation operations. After being promoted to administrator, the top menu will display a countdown for this elevation. When the timer ends, the user’s account … Read More

Implementing LAPS with Jamf Pro

What is LAPS? The full name of LAPS is Local Administrator Password Solution, LAPS provides organisations with a unified management of local administrator account passwords for client computers included: The local administrator password is unique for each computer managed by … Read More

How Jamf Pro determines if a macOS/iOS device has been taken out of control

The first step in Apple’s device management process is to connect the device to Jamf Pro, which then sends out controlled tasks, such as performing app installs, system updates, remote locks, remote wipes, and so on. However, all of these … Read More