Leasing Service

Strategic investment in IT is hugely important for successful companies and financing these investments can often be a fine balancing act. The technology world moves fast, really fast. When computer systems are improving year-on-year, how can your business afford to keep up?

SolutionKeys can offer you an answer with a leasing scheme designed to help you to spread the cost of IT investments over time, letting you manage cash flow more effectively and conserving capital.

Lease-financing helps improve your decision-making ability with regard to future technologies and their potential impact on business planning. Simply put, lease financing gives you the flexibility to upgrade to new technology more often, potentially providing a competitive edge to make your business more profitable.

SolutionKeys lease-financing allows our customers to:
1.Adopt the latest technology faster by converting upfront investments into low-cost, predictable and manageable payments.
2.Conserve valuable cash and credit lines by spreading the cost of technology over time, freeing up capital for investment in other areas of the business.
3.Reduce deployment costs by focusing on usage, ensuring that you maximize the benefits of the most up-to-date technology with minimum financial burden.
4.Simplify budgeting processes and leverage operating expense budgets to enable immediate investment.
5.Protect against technology obsolescence with a financing structure that enables you to upgrade and expand your network as necessitated by your business needs.
6.Enjoy maximum flexibility with payment schedules that match your cash flow, budget cycle, asset usage and ongoing technology requirements.
7.Simplify technology acquisition and cash flow management by consolidating repayments of solutions, software, and services into a single payment stream.