In May 2011, in realizing the increase demand of Apple device management, SolutionKeys brought Jamf software to China. Since then we helped many schools and enterprise to manage Apple device across China.

Casper Suite (now Jamf Pro) simplifies the life of system administrators with a comprehensive platform to manage Mac OS X computers and iOS mobile devices. Jamf Pro increases the efficiency of IT staff, reduces the cost of ownership, and minimizes liability by providing a framework that enforces software licensing compliance, security standards, energy usage, and other organizational rules and requirements.

SolutionKeys is the only Jamf Integrator in China. Our experience consulting team has many years of dealing with tens of thousands Apple Mac OS X and iOS experience, they all have CCT (Certified Casper Technician) and CCA (Certified Casper Administrator). Not only we delivered JumpStart for our customers, but also provided a complete solution and service around customer specialized needs.

What we can do for you:

  • Consult with you on the need and applicability of Jamf Pro in your environment
  • Sell the required software and licenses for implementation
  • Provide the required JumpStart services to get your organization started successfully
  • Implement and maintain the solution as the business/organization grows and changes

With the strong relationship and commitment with Jamf, SolutionKeys has been cooperated with Apple and Jamf directly in many areas to further support and serve the need of our customers.

随着苹果设备管理的需求日益增长,2011年5月SolutionKeys把Jamf引进了中国。 从此Casper软件在整个中国帮助了许多学校和企业管理运用苹果设备。

Jamf 软件通过一个综合平台管理Mac OS X 系统电脑和IOS系统平板电脑,简化了管理员的生活。Jamf软件可以提高IT 工作人员的工作效率,降低成本,并且通过提供架构可以最大限度的减少风险责任,使软件达到合规,安全,节能,和其他的政府组织的规定和要求。

SolutionKeys是Jamf在中国的唯一授权集成商。我们的服务团队有着处理上万台Mac OS X和iOS系统的经验,他们都拥有CCT(Casper认证工程师)和CCA(Casper认证管理员)资质。我们不仅为客户提供了安装服务,而且还根据客户需求提供了一整套完整的解决和服务方案。


  • 为Jamf Pro在当前环境中的需求性和适用性提供咨询服务
  • 软件销售和实施部署
  • 提供安装服务,促使项目成功启动
  • 随硬件数量规模发生变化实施和维护解决方案

SolutionKeys与Jamf 和苹果公司在很多领域紧密合作互相承诺,会一如既往的更好的支持和服务我们的客户。