System Integration

Information technologies let companies achieve set business-goals, be more dynamic and competitive. Yet when businesses grow fast, many find themselves tangled in a web of information systems that often make it harder for staff to cope with their duties, juggling non-interacting systems and applications.

In these situations a company faces the following difficulties:

  • A lack of information from sub-divisions owing to difficulties in information consolidation and process interconnection.
  • Information duplication within different information systems.
  • Trouble implementing further automatization due to interruptions to business-critical processes.
  • Expensive software maintenance.

Creating a common corporate software system with Information System Integration can help all of these problems. Within this sphere we provide the following services:

  • Analysis, engineering and development of program systems.
  • Integration of new program systems with existing solutions.
  • Enterprise service bus development.
  • Existing information system extensions, i.e. re-engineering and transfer of applications to other technology platforms.
  • Integration of software and hardware.
  • Engineering data development and user training.

At all stages of project implementation our employees focus on our clients’ needs and goal-orientated desires to achieve with the help of modern complex integration solutions.