WAB – Total Solutions, evolving with the client and their specific needs

Western Academy Beijing (WAB) is one of the most highly regarded international schools in the world and invests heavily in its student facilities. It places huge importance on independent learning, a philosophy reflected in its investment in providing its students with the tools they need to be successful in today’s world.

WAB has invested heavily in IT infrastructure since its founding and sees itself as an innovator, the first to expand into the latest technologies for the benefit of its students. SolutionKeys and WAB have a long history of working together with WAB’s ambition and vision matched every step of the way by our ability to innovate and solve problems.

Hardware Solutions
SolutionKeys has worked with WAB on the majority of its IT purchasing including, networking, servers, custom software, one-to-one laptop program and many other projects.

The network environment at WAB is powered by a large, powerful server and storage capability built on Macintosh and PC technology. The development of WAB’s specific networking needs required in-depth co-operation and communication.

SolutionKeys carries out a yearly evaluation of the network and continually adjusts and develops the resources available, ensuring that a) WAB’s investment is protected and b) when upgrades occur they are gradual and not disruptive to the learning environment.

During 2004, SolutionKeys and WAB rolled-out 1500 laptops to students making WAB the first Apple laptop school in China.

The program’s was designed by SolutionKeys with finance, procurement, distribution, communication of the program and technical support all taken into consideration.

Our ability to succeed in this project led to the emergence of future one-to-one laptop environments at other schools, many featuring the establishment of a dedicated on-site Apple Authorized Service Center turning around urgent repairs for students within 24 hours.

Software Solutions
In addition to the successes seen in hardware deployment at WAB, SolutionKeys has also worked closely with the school to create custom software and information systems, giving administration the tools and power they need to efficiently run day-to-day business.

SolutionKeys integrated the existing off-the-shelf, School Information System with the existing finance, human resources and administration systems benefitting the school community through a system of Unified Communications.

Together we’ve developed a long-term, trusting relationship in which SolutionKeys is able to offer the best and latest technologies to WAB’s students and staff with the end-product often becoming an outline which other businesses replicate.