Nanjing International School

Nanjing International School (NIS) was founded in 1996 and offers an International Baccalaureate program to almost 500 students. NIS is keen to promote the role technology can play in helping to encourage individual excellence and believes that computers are essential learning tools in the daily lives of students.

NIS had a simple mission, to replace its Microsoft backend and create a wireless campus powered by Apple learning tools.

SolutionKeys’ proposed a total solution for NIS covering all aspects of the school’s IT infrastructure. This included campus-wide, enterprise-standard 802.11n wireless by Cisco, a completely new backend powered by 10 quad-core Apple servers with 24Tb of storage, a one-to-one Apple laptop scheme, five laptop carts each capable of holding and transporting 24 MacBooks around the school and the establishment of an Apple Shop and Authorized Service Center on campus with two fulltime staff.

NIS chose SolutionKeys to provide this upgrade as it wanted a systems integrator who could deliver without risk. SolutionKeys’ reputation, SolutionKeys’ proven ability to succeed in large projects and the trust shown to SolutionKeys’ by other clients helped it to outshine the competition during the bidding process.

At NIS the installation of a completely new IT infrastructure, was carried out successfully without any major issues. NIS are very happy with the extremely powerful servers operating in the school which allow them to use technology in ways that were not previously possible. The school uses on-demand content and the SolutionKeys servers have been tested delivering 80 individual streams of the same video content simultaneously via the wireless network.

The Apple Authorized Service Center is heavily promoted by the school and not only takes care of technical support issues, but also contains a shop where the school community can purchase genuine Apple and third party products, benefiting from educational discounts.

SolutionKeys is proud to say that it will be beginning a second phase of network expansion for NIS in the very near future.