Harrow International School – Custom networks evolving across two campuses

"While Harrow International School Beijing does not provide secondary endorsements or recommend educational products or services, it has worked with SolutionKeys since it opened in 2005. SolutionKeys have provided and continue to provide high level professional consultancy, network management services, day to day technical support and helped develop a bespoke MIS package that serves the school well. Operating on split sites, I am satisfied that the quality of their service has remained consistent, suitable, sensitive to school needs and adaptable to change throughout."
Matthew Benjamin Farthing - Head Master
Harrow International School Beijing

Harrow International School Beijing seeks to provide the best quality facilities and educational resources available for its students, supporting the extensive range of school-based and extra-curricular activities available.

SolutionKeys has worked with Harrow from the school’s inception to the present day. The school wanted to install a full Microsoft backend with connectivity support for a mixture of PC and Mac computers across both of its campuses.

As always with a new school, the implications for net work resources of a rapid growth in student numbers are very real. We guided Harrow through network selection and design stages, helping them choose a networking solution able to cope with current and future demands placed upon it. The school’s growth from 0 – 500 students in just a few years has proven our decision-making and networking solution to be sound.

Initially SolutionKeys worked with Harrow only at its site in downtown Beijing. Subsequently we took on the school’s second major building project at Grassetown, where Harrow developed a second campus.

SolutionKeys’ networking solutions handled the IT infrastructure at both.

SolutionKeys has watched Harrow grow, mature and develop from a small school into a larger second tier educational establishment. We have enjoyed a relationship with Harrow which evolves as the school does.

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