German Embassy School (Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking) –A Long-Term SolutionKeys Client

The German Embassy School, Beijing (GES) holds very rigorous standards both academic and in business. It requires a high-quality of service and product to be supplied at all times. SolutionKeys have been able to consistently offer a level of satisfaction building a successful, trusted business relationship over the past 6 years.

In that time GES has worked with SolutionKeys on three major projects. The first involved the development of a School Management System (SMS) linked to an all-in-one solution for tracking student registration, resource use and as a possible method of payment for items at the school’s cafeteria.

Solution 1. School Management System
Working closely with IT management at GES, SolutionKeys designed and built a School Management System incorporating student management, parent communication, school finance and other administrative tasks. This is integrated with a studentID smart-card system. The system utilises technologies such as touchless ID system and has greatly improved the school’s efficiency and management, allowing students and staff to quickly perform tasks such as registering or borrowing items from the school’s library.

Solution 2. Network Upgrade
As part of its investment in its learning environment, GES announced it would begin construction of new school buildings at its site in Beijing. SolutionKeys were chosen to design and install the computing infrastructure required for the new facilities also including the creation of a campus-wide wireless network. SolutionKeys’ proposal consisted of deploying a core network by Cisco Systems and an enterprise standard, 802.11n wireless network. In addition, an upgrade to Microsoft Server 2008 was scheduled to coincide with the new network’s installation.

Careful project management was required to overcome the complexity of working within a new-build site. SolutionKeys constantly liased with other contractors during the build in order to ensure that installation of the network system went as planned. This attention to detail ensured that the network installation was delivered on-schedule. SolutionKeys’ team of Microsoft Server certified engineers performed a seamless upgrade of Server 2008, avoiding any interruption to networking services.