Dulwich College Beijing – Transforming IT in Education

Dulwich Beijing (DCB) is a 21st Century school which has invested heavily in its computing facilities. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and the staff receive regular training to help them improve their technical and educational use of the technology at their disposal.

DCB approached SolutionKeys in order to ensure their IT infrastructure could meet the needs of the school’s continual growth, it currently has over 1000 students. The school had was running Virtual Learning Environment and used a one-to-one laptop programme for students in Years 9 and above.

We set ourselves targets, at 3, 6, and 12 months to ensure that we were able to introduce to DCB IT-based projects which would match the high-tech vision of the school.

After a year SolutionKeys had helped DCB improve its laptop program support, performed a major upgrade of the network switch and held an Adobe Software Conference hosted by the school.

One of the biggest changes introduced by SolutionKeys was the establishment of an on-site Apple Authorized Service Center. Working with the school SolutionKeys developed a dedicated workspace staffed by trained and certified technicians and resulting in dramatically improved communication between teachers, students and IT support, getting issues fixed faster.

DCB has a SolutionKeys Apple Authorized Shop on campus giving the community easy and reliable access to genuine accessories and upgrades for laptops. Experienced certified-technicians can select and fit the right memory for students during lunch breaks, letting students spend less time worrying about computing and more time thinking about learning.

We have worked with DCB to create a workflow and set of tools which connects the retail, finance and administration elements of laptop program. This has dramatically improved the user experience for parents when making a purchase within DCB’s one-to-one laptop program. This has in turn enabled distribution of equipment from the school to become much more efficient.

We are now in the position of having had a highly successful year in partnership with DCB and a bright future ahead for our relationship.