Network Infrastructure Solutions

Today, businesses depend on network infrastructures to support everything from e-mail and short messaging communications to critical business applications.

An extremely reliable and resilient IT networking infrastructure is a critical part of the jigsaw providing high-class, day-to-day performance and productivity as well as business continuity.

SolutionKeys works with clients to design and deliver network infrastructures that maximize operational efficiency while minimizing implementation risks.

SolutionKeys’ methodologies are built on deep foundations of technical knowledge and Cisco expertise. Our experts design, build and integrate cost-effective network infrastructures that meet evolving business needs while minimizing business risks.

A seamless migration with minimum risk is supported by a phased approach to architecture and design as well as implementation and integration.

With many large-scale success stories, SolutionKeys is able to deliver unparalleled expertise in Cisco Solutions to help clients achieve the high performance they require in order to surmount the challenges faced by a world in which the proliferation of new technologies and the growing need for seamless services is ever growing.

Business challenges
An inferior network with unreliable or inflexible infrastructure can impede an otherwise strong company along the road to success.

Availability. Business processes are highly dependent on available network resources. Even small windows of unavailability may result in huge revenue losses.
Security. A non-compliant Internet Protocol (IP) network infrastructure, vulnerable to security breaches leaves business processes vulnerable to attack.
Performance. A poor performing network slows productivity among workers and disrupts communications with customers and vendors.
Resiliency and disaster recovery. Inadequate fault tolerance and difficulty restoring operations in the event of a critical failure can seriously disrupt business continuity.
Integration and interoperability. Poor integration of local and wide area networks, applications and other systems hinders communication, collaboration and overall performance.
Scalability. A lack of scalability stands in the way of the provision of new services and the expansion of networks, delaying investment decisions and slowing down growth.
Costs. Lacking a design based on industry standards and best practices, companies may be saddled with unnecessarily complex and costly equipment.

SolutionKeys’s Approach to Network Infrastructure Solutions
SolutionKeys uses a phased approach for networking architecture and design as well as implementation and integration. Our phased approach supports a seamless migration that minimizes risks when introducing advanced technologies into existing architectures and avoids disruptions to the delivery of services to employees, customers and vendors.

Our Phased Approach to Architecture and Design

Requirement Analysis.
A robust understanding of a client’s existing infrastructure, requirements, business processes, risk constraints and business model helps us to ensure that the solution is a long term strategic fit rather than a quick tactical fix.
Infrastructure Review.
This phase is critical for technology risk reduction and aids decision-making by gathering the customer information needed to begin the design process and initiate a streamlined procurement process.
Strategy Planning and Procurement.
During this phase we develop project schedules, cost estimates, facility requirements, and element and network options, as well as address project risk concerns.
A high-level network design includes overall topology, network diagrams and multi-vendor integration, including deployment recommendations.
Low Level Design.
A detailed or low level, design addresses risks that can arise from configuration errors, incorrect configuration parameters, integration issues and inadequate testing.
Implementation and Integration.
During this phase we focus on minimizing implementation issues while helping to ensure the quality of the implementation. We carefully specify all configurations and parameters to meet specified requirements.
Operations and Managed Services.
SolutionKeys provides 24x7 support, proactive monitoring and periodic updates. This ongoing phase addresses all the risks related to continuity, availability and stability of the converged infrastructure.
Ongoing Support.
Providing ongoing support helps ensure a consistent design across all locations and delivers updates to help ensure overall compliance, security and effectiveness. It also minimizes the risk of cost overruns.